When you purchase a "My Arty Friend" shirt, not only do you get a unique piece of beauty to wear for yourself, but you are also contributing to the environment, to animals, to people in the community and of course the artist!

All shirts are sourced from local stores that support the welfare of animals and people.  Each is hand selected and then hand screen printed individually, making it unique - no two shirts are the same!

Can't find the right size or colour? 
You don't have to miss out! Simply contact us and arrange to send your own shirt to print on to guarantee it will fit!  Price is $20 PLUS the cost of postage back to you.  It will be printed on the NEXT scheduled print run as close to your order as possible.  *Please note this could be a couple of weeks.*  If it is an urgent order (for example for a birthday) this may be arranged at an additional cost.

Are there shirts that are more suitable to be screen printed onto?
Absolutely!  And if you are unsure, please contact us and send a pic of your proposed shirt.

As a quick guide:

**Just MAKE SURE it is a natural fibre or blend shirt.  COTTON shirts or COTTON/ELASTANE blends are best as the water based inks used attach well to these fibres and will last longer.**  

Viscose and rayon blends are not ideal.  It is a hit and miss with these and is best NOT to take the risk.  

To avoid disappointment:  Please DON'T send a synthetic fibre or synthetic blend (such as polyester).  It won't bind properly to the fibre and the ink won't stay on for long (will start to peel with wash and wear).  

We want you to enjoy your "My Arty Friend" shirt for as long as possible - if you have any questions please feel free to contact us!  

These shirts are a wonderful addition to the closet and make a lovely gift for a friend.   Always the most important factor to consider is how YOU feel when you wear it!