In 2010, artist and designer Branka Doncevska created a life purpose:  To continuously learn about Love and share it in a way that inspires others.  She created "My Arty Friend" as a way to express and share her creative work and inspire love, beauty and joy.

Creative Process

Her creative process is intuitive.  Each drawing begins with a line, then grows and flows into an image.  Sometimes it turns into a mandala, sometimes a flower or sometimes even an animal like an elephant or bird.  All of these reflect Branka's passion for nature.  

This is also why she is committed to sustainable practices and uses recycled materials where possible and processes that consider the impact on the environment.   The shirts have been purchased from stores contributing to the welfare of animals and people in the community.  

Elephant Love

In 2013, Branka was fortunate to spend a day at Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for rescued Asian elephants in Thailand. She felt such a strong connection with the elephants that she wanted to ongoingly contribute to their care.  She decided there is a way!  Twenty per cent of profits from all Elephant designs will go the Elephant Nature Park.  Want to help elephants or find out more?  Visit

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